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My name is Jeff Smith; “Solar Jeff” they call me. I have been a promoter of alternative energy systems for thirty-five years. I started my career in the Virgin Islands and took my passion, knowledge and experience around the world. I have designed and installed solar energy systems in California, Hawaii, Florida, Guam and the Mariana Islands, as well as throughout the Caribbean.

In the pages that follow, I intend to show you how solar power’s return on investment trumps anything on Wall Street. All the parts of a house or building require a capital outlay. Solar thermal and power systems are unique in that they pay for themselves in the form of savings. Properly maintained, they pay-back many times over.

NEW HOME BUILDERS: Even if you are not presently installing solar equipment, you should consider having the pipes, conduit and mounting hardware put in place for future utilization. Usually, these can become part of the standard construction bids, for little additional cost. Then, when you realize the desirability of solar systems, the necessary elements are already in place. I work with builders and architects to ensure that the future solar installations are simpler to undertake.

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