By acknowledging the crippling financial and environmental impact of energy production, the world is opening the door to Zero-Energy housing. The concept embraces conservation AND alternative energy together in an holistic approach to new construction methods. By increasing insulation factors, heating and cooling costs are drastically reduced.

Solar 4 Sarasota and Solar St. John has partnered with Englewood Florida-based New Panel Homes to design, manufacture and promote a model home that easily produces all the electrical power it requires over an annual cycle. A simple 2/2 floorplan is available. The insulation factor exceeds R-35 which cuts the electric bill and nearly HALVES the Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) rating.

The partnering of these two innovators has come at just the right time for the southern U.S. states and the Caribbean impacted by this summer’s devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria. A product is in development that is both termite and hurricane resistant, made from pressure-treated plywood sheathing and scientifically engineered to withstand 200 MPH winds.


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